Public Pickups Review

Public Pickups – A Slut Won’t Say No To Cock and Some Cash

How many times have you walked down the street, with your salary in the back pocket, thinking that you could go to any hot chick in the bus station and propose her to fuck for half the money you have on you. Well, it takes balls of steel to do that, but you can see that dream come true in the Public Pickups collection. On top of that, this reality porn collection is featuring exclusively Euro babes, who are extremely hot and naughty enough to get naked in the streets, suck and fuck where anyone could see them. There is nothing a Czech or German slut won’t do for like 500 euros and if you ever meet a Euro chick, you surely know that those are money well spent. Since there are plenty of horny babes in Europe, you will get a new Public Pickup video every week.